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Amy and Zeb’s A-Z Quest

Now that you’ve met Amy and Zeb and their A-Z Quest through the Bible, (, over to the quest!

Amy and Zeb ask their question to the children

Amy and Zeb visit Armstrong Hall every Friday night, setting questions and little challenges to the children at Kids Club. Each week the children will be given a little slip of paper which describes the challenge – but don’t worry if you miss it, you can find them here!

We are starting the alphabet again in 2021

So far we have had: A is for Ark, B is for Burning Bush, C is for Camel – and trying to fit it through the eye of an needle, and D is for Daniel

For more up to date information, look at the Twitter feed.

A is for Adam!

After God created the world, He took some clay from the ground and made a man in His own image. He named him Adam. He then made Adam a woman called Eve.

Your question this week is:

Where did Adam and Eve live? (Genesis 2:8)

B is for Bread!

Lots of people came to see Jesus teach. He took a long time, and by the end, everybody was very hungry, but all they had was a bit of bread and fish. However, Jesus took the food and, by a miracle, managed to feed all 5000!

Your question this week is:

How many loaves of bread did Jesus use to feed the 5000? (Matthew 14:17)

C is for Coat!

Joseph was one of the twelve sons of Jacob (also called Israel). One day, Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful rainbow-coloured coat. 

Your question this week is:

What was special about Joseph? (Genesis 37:3)

D is for Disciples

To help Him on His journey, Jesus chose 12 disciples to witness His miracles and spread His love.

Your quest this week is:

Name the 12 disciples (Matthew 10:2)

E is for Esther

Esther was a brave young woman who trusted in God. King Xerxes of Persia chose her to be Queen because of her beauty. Esther used this position to help save many lives!

This week’s quest:

What did Esther ask Xerxes for? (Esther 7:3)

F is for Fishermen

One night, Jesus’ friends went fishing. They tried all night but, by the next morning, they hadn’t caught a single fish! Then, Jesus came along and gave His friends some special advice!

The quest for this Half Term break is:

What special advice did Jesus give His friends? (John 21:6)

Amy and Zeb would really love to see what fishing related things you can make to bring and show them! Have a good Half Term!

G is for Goliath

Goliath was 293cm tall, and was a very strong warrior who sore huge strong armour. Nevertheless, he was defeated by a little man called David.

G is for Goliath

To answer the quest this week, draw a picture of Goliath to show Amy and Zeb next week (the best might even appear here!) You can find out more about what he looked like by looking at 1 Samuel 17:4-7

H is for Hannah

Hannah was a woman who trusted in God. She was desperate to have a child, but she was unable to. She wanted this child very much, so she prayed to God, and soon after she realised she was going to have a baby boy! She named the boy Samuel.

Our quest this week – What does the name Samuel mean? (1 Samuel 1:20)


When Mary and Joseph were wandering around Bethlehem, looking for a place to stay, they kep being told that there was no room at the inn 🙁

Eventually, a kind inn keeper allowed then to use their stable. They didn’t have to do this, but they were making room for Jesus.

Amy and Zeb’s challenge for this Advent – can you make room for Jesus this Advent? Join us on Christmas Day to find out how they got on!

Happy Christmas!

Amy and Zeb would like you wish you all a very happy Christmas! Did you manage to make room for Jesus this Christmas? We look forward to seeing you all in January 2020 with the answer to this special Christmas Quest!

Happy New Decade – 2020!

Amy and Zeb are really excited that it’s not only a new year, but a whole new decade, so they’ve decided to set a challenge.

Can you try and spend time with Jesus every day this year? Even 1 minute counts! It might be hard at first, but you’ll soon get into the swing of things!

J is for Joseph

After the baby Jesus was born, King Herod was very angy. He planned to find the baby Jesus and kill Him. But then, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. The angel told him that he needed to escape with Mary and Jesus.

Your quest this week – Where did the angel tell Joseph to go? (Matt 2:13)

K is for Kings

Jesus was visited by wise men or Kings, just after He was born. They brought him 3 gifts – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. They took a long time and traveled a long way to visit Him.

Your Quest this week – What did Herod say to the Kings? Try looking in Matthew 2 verse 8!

L is for Life

The Bible tells us that if we have faith in Jesus, we can go to Heaven. We know this because Jesus Himself said it!

Your challenge this week is to learn the verse:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14v6).

M is for Moses

God entrusted Moses to lead thousands of Israelites out of slavery. Moses trusted God and knew that God would help him do this. To show His power, God changed Moses’ wooden staff into a snake.

This week, and over half term, your challenge is to Go and help someone, even if it is hard because you know that God is with you! (Exodus 4:3-4)

N is for NOAH

Thousands of years ago, God looked down on His creation and was very sad. People were sinning, and not following God. God wanted a fresh start, but didn’t want to lose His beloved creation completely. He decided to make a huge flood, but saved one God-believing family – Noah’s. He did this by warning him to build a huge boat called an Ark.

This week, your quest is – How many people went on the ark? Found out more in Genesis 7:13.

O is for Obadiah

In ancient Jerusalem, the Israelites built a huge temple, on a mountain in the middle of the city. This mountain was known as the holy mountain, because it is a place where you could speak to God! Obadiah mentions this holy mountain in his book

Your quest this week – What is the name of the Holy Mountain? (Obadiah 1:17)

P is for Saul Paul

God can change lives! The book of Acts tells the story of a horrible man named Saul, who spend his life hunting down Christians and killing them! Then, while travelling on a road, he was blinded by a great light and he heard a great voice – it was God! God commanded him to visit the nearest city, and God would return his sight. Saul realised that God was Holy, and in the end He changed His name to Paul and spent the rest of His life serving God.

Your quest this week – What city was Saul heading to when God spoke to him? (Acts 9:2)

Mother’s Day 2020

Tonight we want to show all of the love that our Mums show us every day, and we don’t always say thank you for. Just like you, Amy and Zeb have been trying to work out all the amazing things Mums do to help us, but it starts to sound a bit like a description of God!

Amy and Zeb’s Lockdown Special

Like you, Amy and Zeb are in lock down at the moment, but they wanted to come and let you know how they have been getting on. Even through this tough time, they have been reminded that God is our Rock.

Q is for Questions

Like you, Amy and Zeb are still in lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t continuing their A-Z quest. This week, they are looking at Questions, and their quest for you all this week is How can we do God’s works? – you’ll find the answer in John 6:25-29! If you find it, why don’t you tweet the answer to them @AHCF_Thropton?

R is for Red Sea

Can you remember the song “How did Moses cross the Red Sea”? Well, this week Amy and Zeb have been finding out about how God helped Moses lead the Israelites through the desert whilst being pursued by Pharaoh’s Army.

But can you help Amy and Zeb by finding out What did Moses use to part the Red Sea? (for help, look in Exodus 14:21)

S is for Samaritan

This week, Amy and Zeb have been exploring what it means to Love your Neighbour as yourself. Jesus teaches us about this through the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Your quest for this week is a memory verse:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and love your neighbour as yourself (Luke 10:27)

T is for Thankfulness

There’s so much to be thankful for, even if Zeb’s memory isn’t one of them. Can you think of something to be thankful for each day for a week?

U is for Uncertainty

Worried about going back to school? Not sure what is going on? This week, Amy and Zeb are thinking about Uncertainty. To help them feel better, can you think of a time you were uncertain but things worked out in the end?

V is for Vision

In biblical times, it was really hard if you had bad eyesight – you couldn’t just get glasses like Zeb has! Blind people were often beggars and regarded as the lowest of the low. So when a blind man approaches Jesus, the other people nearby shout to stop him from pestering Jesus.

However, Jesus speaks to the blind man.

Your quest this week – What does the blind man ask Jesus? (Mark 10:25-46)

W is for Whale!

Did you know that there are whales in the Bible? Amy and Zeb are on a quest to find about more, and they come across a man called Jonah who was swallowed by a whale!

Can you tell them How long was Jonah inside the whale (Jonah 1:17)?

X is for Cross

Amy and Zeb have been searching for something in the Bible beginning with X, but there wasn’t a Xylophone or X-Ray in sight. So they’ve decided to explore more about the Cross.
Can you Make or Draw a cross?

Y is for You!

This week, Amy and Zeb have found out just how well God knows each and every one of us – and it’s even more than we know about ourselves!

Do you know exactly how many hairs there are on your head? Because God does!

This week, why not try and found out how many hairs there are on the average human head, and if you’re bored during lockdown, why not try counting your own?!

Z is for Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus was a very little man, and a very little man was he – but that wasn’t why Jesus went to see him!

Over this Summer Holiday, why not try to forgive people – even when they are being mean to you?