Amy and Zeb’s A-Z Quest

Now that you’ve met Amy and Zeb and their A-Z Quest through the Bible, (, over to the quest!

Amy and Zeb ask their question to the children

Amy and Zeb visit Armstrong Hall every Friday night, setting questions and little challenges to the children at Kids Club. Each week the children will be given a little slip of paper which describes the challenge – but don’t worry if you miss it, you can find them here!

A is for Adam!

After God created the world, He took some clay from the ground and made a man in His own image. He named him Adam. He then made Adam a woman called Eve.

Your question this week is:

Where did Adam and Eve live? (Genesis 2:8)

B is for Bread!

Lots of people came to see Jesus teach. He took a long time, and by the end, everybody was very hungry, but all they had was a bit of bread and fish. However, Jesus took the food and, by a miracle, managed to feed all 5000!

Your question this week is:

How many loaves of bread did Jesus use to feed the 5000? (Matthew 14:17)

C is for Coat!

Joseph was one of the twelve sons of Jacob (also called Israel). One day, Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful rainbow-coloured coat. 

Your question this week is:

What was special about Joseph? (Genesis 37:3)

D is for Disciples

To help Him on His journey, Jesus chose 12 disciples to witness His miracles and spread His love.

Your quest this week is:

Name the 12 disciples (Matthew 10:2)

E is for Esther

Esther was a brave young woman who trusted in God. King Xerxes of Persia chose her to be Queen because of her beauty. Esther used this position to help save many lives!

This week’s quest:

What did Esther ask Xerxes for? (Esther 7:3)