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The Pursuit of God

Our highest value is the pursuit of God. We have nothing if we cannot know and experience God’s presence, hear His voice and follow after Him with all our hearts. Our desire is to see the love, mercy and power of Jesus shine through all we do. We try to do this by listening to, obeying and trusting in God’s voice and direction.

This is characterised by:


We perceive God to be a God of simple order and not of confusion. Therefore we are committed to the idea that our tasks within the Church (individually and collectively), should be accomplished in the simplest and most straightforward way possible. All that we do needs to be functional and practical, rather than emphasisng “appearance”.


The worship of God is our highest priority, for as we come into His presence He reveals Himself and we see Him with greater clarity. As a by-product of this, we are set free to disclose ourselves to God, give our love back to God and find acceptance and healing for ourselves. Worship should happen with personal integrity, in Spirit and Truth, coming as we are to see Him as He is. Worship must also carry on past the gathered meeting and be consistently expressed in a life of service.


An individual and collective relationship with God can only be nurtured through effective prayer. We seek to be wholly dependent on God for our needs and direction through prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit.