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Our Values: Fellowship

Our next priority flows out of worship: giving and sharing God’s love with one another and our Christian community as brothers and sisters in Christ. As we have acceptance from God, we have a base of security from which to relate honestly with one another.

This is characterised by:


Relationships are totally dependent upon a desire for intimacy, accountability and commitment, made possible by the indwelling of the Spirit. The Gospel is first and foremost about relationships, both with God and with one another. Therefore we emphasise relationships over programmes and “rules”.


If we value these things, then it is incumbent upon us to speak the truth, deal honestly and live uprightly. We are committed to full integrity in all our dealings with people.


We aim to strive for unity by honouring all who call upon the name of Jesus as their own personal Saviour and Lord. We seek to exercise tolerance and forgiveness, and seek reconciliation with all Christians thus bringing blessing to the whole Church.