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Our Values: Outreach

We are called to go into the world with the good news that we have to seek the lost. We believe that our mission is to facilitate the delivery of the Gospel within our community to young and old alike and also to make disciples, calling others to share in the life Jesus has given us. We believe that we are called to reach out to others to give away what He has given us.

Non “Religious”

We seek to communicate in language, which is understood by our generation without Christian clichés. We desire to act in ways, which enable people to respond positively to a living Saviour.


We want to be seen as Christians of the current age. Understanding the modern day pressures and issues which individuals face yet living a faith which is able to provide hope, certainty and re-assurance to individuals facing these issues.

The Value of the Individual

We work together in building the Church, through maintaining individual respect, open communication, determined co-operation and believing and speaking the best about each other.