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Our History

Armstrong Hall is a small church in the Northumberland village of Thropton, just two miles west of Rothbury.

The Hall was originally built by the late Lord Armstrong of Cragside to provided a meeting place for some of his tenants, employees and others who were part of a group known as Plymouth Brethren. Prior to this they had met in what was then the Thropton Reading Room.

During the second world war the hall was vacated for use by the army, with church meetings continuing in a farm house in the nearby village of Snitter.

We returned to the Meeting Room (as it was called then) at the end of the war. A very modest rent was charged, and it has remained the same to this day.

The hall has been extended and altered on three occasions to accommodate the numbers attending the ever-popular children’s meeting, now known as Kids’ Friday Club.

The latest alterations were done in 2001, when the hall underwent major renovation and refurbishment.

The church is now no longer associated with the Brethren but is an independent evangelical church.