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Our Values

1. The Pursuit of God

Our highest value is the pursuit of God. We have nothing if we cannot know and experience God’s presence, hear His voice and follow after Him with all our hearts. Our desire is to see the love, mercy and power of Jesus shine through all we do. We try to do this by listening to, obeying and trusting in God’s voice and direction. More >>

2. Fellowship

Our next priority flows out of worship: giving and sharing God’s love with one another and our Christian community as brothers and sisters in Christ. As we have acceptance from God, we have a base of security from which to relate honestly with one another. More >>

3. Discipleship

We are all called to be disciples of Jesus – we are to grow personally in the grace and disciplines of Christ. More >>

4. Outreach

We are called to go into the world with the good news about Jesus. Our Services do this across our community. We are also called to make disciples: calling others to share in the life Jesus has given us. We believe that we are called to reach out to others to give away what He has given us. More >>

5. Pastoral Care

Jesus instructed us to love one another as He has loved us. By doing this we show His love to the world in which we live. More >>

6. Church Stewardship

This activity involves reviewing the activities and direction that Armstrong Hall takes. Ensuring that these are aligned with God’s will and purpose for our Church, measuring and evaluating our success and areas for development. More >>