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Our Values: Pastoral Care

Jesus instructed us to love one another as He has loved us and by doing this we show His love to the world in which we live.

Care for the individual

We actively care for all those who are part of our fellowship by supporting physical, spiritual and emotional needs as required by each circumstance. Our aim is to do this in a spirit of love and concern for the individual.

Marriage and Family

Our aim is to be able to help families grow strong and healthy; enabling them to be nurturing, spiritual family units that are able to love and serve each other.


Our children are a gift from God and a high priority. They are a blessing in the present and our hope for the future. As such they deserve the same quality of nurture and care that we give to adults. The children of our community are also our concern in providing the opportunity for them to have an understanding of God’s purpose in their life with the ultimate desire that they might come to know Him as their own personal Saviour.