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Our Values: Church Stewardship

This activity involves reviewing the activities and direction that Armstrong Hall takes. Ensuring that these are aligned with God’s will and purpose for our Church and measuring and evaluating our success and areas for development.

Culture Current

We aim to be contemporary and relevant to our culture and generation without compromising our beliefs and values. All our practices – worship, teaching, housegroups, outreach, pastoral care, need to contribute to the development of a Church environment where the “unchurched” in our generation can feel accepted and loved.


We desire to build and maintain good relationships with other churches. There is not only one way to “do church”. We want to serve the Body of Christ by making ourselves available to encourage renewal at churches in our area and beyond. We believe that our ability to affect renewal in our community is through a progression of personal renewal, renewal at Armstrong Hall and only then renewal in our community


We want to lead by being followers and disciples of Jesus. We look to depend on Him to seek His will and guidance for all activities that are associated with Armstrong Hall. We have no formal Church Leadership at Armstrong Hall.