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Kids Club and Midway Restart

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With half term over, Kids Club and Midway restarted this week. Sadly Captain Jim was caught in a storm and damaged his boat, so while he’s away, why not do a drawing or write a post card for him of your favourite Bible story?

Meanwhile at Midway, 25 young people joined in the many fun (and often noisy) activities which are on offer from 1900-2030 each Friday.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens at Kids Club, we’d love any mums, grandmas, aunts or even dads to come along on Friday 9th March from 6-7pm for our “Mothering Friday” or “Mum’s Night”.

Come along and stay with your children for a special evening with crafts and songs. Hopefully Captain Jim will have repaired his boat in time to pick up his mother too! There’ll be tea, coffee and cake too!

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