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Mum’s Night at Kid’s Club

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Tonight Kids Club welcomed approximately 20 mums to join us in some special activities. This is because it was our annual ‘Mum’s Night’, celebrating everything that we love our Mums for.

Captain Jim popped by after collecting his mum in the snow and fog. Jim couldn’t see his mum, but had to use her voice to find his way. That’s a bit like when we’re scared or lost or confused, and hear our Mum’s advice and loving words in our heads. It’s also like how we have Jesus with us all the time, even if we can’t see him because of all the fog in our lives.

Captain Jim asked if the children can name as many Mums as possible who feature in the Bible next week.

Our Mums then helped their children to make some little crafts as gifts, showing why they love them.

Then Kirstine told us a story of Elijah meeting a Mum in the Bible.

All that before showing the mums one of our favourite songs – Jesus is my superhero!

Why not join us next year?

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