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Back to School

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As we enter the last week of the Summer Holiday, the Kids Club leaders are preparing for another year of singing, activities and teaching starting on Friday 9th of September at 6pm in Armstrong Hall.

Because this is the first session of the year, we ask that all children have the correct registration information (name, address, phone number, any allergies or medications etc) with them, or someone who can let us know this information – it won’t take long (we dislike having to do the paperwork as much as you!).

This year we’ll also ask an adult to sign a photograph authorisation (so we can use photos of groups of children on this website or in newsletters etc) – don’t worry if you can’t do this in person, we can always give the paperwork to your child.


Midway will also start at 7pm on 9th September, and we’ll ask for similar registration information then as well.


We all look forward to welcoming new children; or if we know you already, hearing about your Summer Holidays and new schools! See you there…!

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